PRDS Stations


The system wherein both pressure & temperature reduction is achieved, is called as PRDS station. i.e. pressure reducing & de superheating station. In other words a combination of PRS & DSH station is called as PRDS Station.

The PRDS can be (1) Combined PRDS valve. (2) Split PRDS station.

Combined PRDS : is the one wherein both the pressure reduction & temperature control is achieved in a single Unit.

Split PRDS Station : is the one wherein both pressure reduction & temperature control is achieved in a complete system with various valves, control valves, desuperheater & steam/water piping.


• Pressure control valve
• Desuperheater
• Safety relief valve
• Spray water control valve
• temp. feedback to resp. control valves
• Isolation valves
• Bypass arrangement for PCV & TCV
• Primary sensors giving pressure

Sizes available : 1” to 40”.
Materials : Carbon steel, Alloy steel in P11, P22 grade.
Rating : 150# to 2500# spl.
Design standard : IBR 1950, ASME B3.3.
Testing : Hydro testing, Radiography, Dye penetrant test, & other NDT’s as per requirement.

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